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Michigan Institute of Life After Death Studies

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Mission Statement
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The Michigan Institute of Life After Death Studies (M.I.L.A.D.S.) was founded in the belief that there is life after death.  The mission of M.I.L.A.D.S. is to:

  1. Help educate people who are in search of knowledge about life after death.
  2. To provide a website that contains a vast array of knowledge on the subject of life after death.
  3. To help those who wish to make contact with a loved one who has passed.
  4. To help those who maybe experiencing a haunting.  This is done by conducting a formal investigation, in the attempt of determining the true cause of the haunting and/or ghost, and if possible, make contact.
  5. To help those who may have experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) understand, and come to terms with their experience.
  6. To conduct research and study what really happens when we cross over to the other side.