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The Chakras

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The chakras are extremely important to the development of psychic abilities.  The word "Chakra" is from the Sanskrit language and means "wheel" or "disk”.  There are 7 major chakras located within the human body and each chakra correlates to a specific aspect of human nature. To learn more about these different aspects, click on the symbols below, and you will be redirected to a page dedicated to that chakra.  The first three, the root chakra, the sacral region chakra, and the solar plexus chakra are predominately related to the physical aspects of life.  The heart chakra is the midpoint, and serves to link the first three lower chakras with the upper three chakras.  The upper three chakras, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra are predominately related to the spiritual aspect of human nature.  The chakras are also the major centers of energy within the body.  The chakras can be open, closed, or blocked.  Open is the most preferable, and in this state, energy is allowed to flow freely up and through the chakras.  Closed is when the energy center is closed, and energy is not allowed to flow through the chakras freely.  A good comparison to closed chakras would be clogged drainpipe, where the water will still move though the pipe, but at a greatly reduced rate.  A blocked chakra is where the energy will not flow through the chakra at all. This is the least preferable and will require a great effort to work towards breaking through the blockage.  To develop one's psychic ability to the fullest extent, one needs to work with the chakras and learn how to balance them properly.  Having a good flow of energy, also called the Kundalini, is important to being a good psychic.  The better the energy flow, the more open that your chakras will be, and thus the more effective you will be at developing your psychic abilities.  

Click on the above symbol to go to the Crown Chakra.
Click on the above symbol to go to the Third Eye Chakra.
Click on the above symbol to go to the Throat Chakra.
Click on the above symbol to go to the Heart Chakra.
Click on the above symbol to go to the Solar Plexus Chakra.
Click on the above symbol to go to the Sacral Region Chakra.

Click on the above symbol to go to the Root Chakra.

I would like to extend a huge Thank You to Cynthia from Sacred Centers for the use of the Chakra symbols.  To view the Sacred Center website, please go to: