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Michigan Institute of Life After Death Studies

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I wrote the following because I felt it was important for us as professional ghost hunters to adopt a standard by which we operate as a ghost hunting organization.   If you would like to use this on your website, please send me an email at to ask for permission. Please include a link to your site. Please be aware that this is a legally copyrighted document and must be treated as such.

The GHOST plan:

A Ghost Hunter’s Code of Ethics


G:  is for good impression. We want to make the best first impression possible, on all levels.  People will remember the group name easier if we make a strong first impression, and be more inclined to invite us back, or recommend us to someone else.


H:   is for hospitality.  We will treat all people like we would want to be treated, and all properties will be treated that way we would expect someone else to treat our property, whether it be a home, cemetery or place of business. 

O:  is for open to everything.  Please be understanding and non judgmental towards other’s beliefs and/or feelings.  If you don’t agree with someone else’s opinions or views of things, keep it to yourself. Nothing will ruin an image faster than becoming strongly opinionated about something, and getting into a debate that no one person can win.  Approach everything with an open heart and open mind.

S: is for sincere. Please be sincere at all times. This includes being sincere with the people we are dealing with, the investigation, data collection, everything.  Nothing will ruin our credibility faster than being insincere.  If you are asked a question and you don’t know the answer, please refer it to another person in the group.  Don’t make stuff up; the last thing we want to do is ruin our credibility by answering a question with information that is completely wrong!  This also goes with data; we don’t want to be reporting bogus information in our any of our documentation.  Remember to be sincere is to be truthful.

T:  is for team.  We are a team, and as the old saying goes, there is no “I” in team. Part of being a team is respect towards each other.  There is nothing worse than watching a group have personality conflicts while onsite.  While we try to avoid it, a conflict may arise between members, if it does, please do not let it happen while conducting a walk through or investigation.  There is plenty of time between investigations to settle the conflict. Again, this is a surefire way to have our group image ruined. Remember we are all adults, and at times we must also act like it.

                                                      2003, Keith Norton