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Michigan Institute of Life After Death Studies

Chakra#7: The Crown

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Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Sanskrit Meaning: Thousandfold.


Location: Top of the head.


Associated Color: Violet


Musical Note: "B"


Associated Sense: Enlightenment


Element: Universal Energy & Love.


Associated Gemstones: Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Quartz.


Incense/Oils: Lavender, Violet, Lilac, Lotus, Frankincense.



Positive(The Enlightened One): This type of person is well connected to the source of universal love and energy. They know that with this connection, all things are possible.

Negative(The Egocentric): This type of person is only concerned about themselves.  Their self determination and materialistic ways make them unhappy as they soon realize that they cannot get anymore out of life because of the distant separation between their life and a life of greater existence.


Attributes: Serenity, A connection to the main source of universal love and energy, Beauty, Grace.


Main Concept: Spirituality, Enlightenment.